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Sponsored by Strategic Business Institute, a 501c3 that focuses on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.


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Who Are We?

Strategic Business Institute (SBI) was started in early 2002 and received its nonprofit 501c3 status as a nonprofit public charity in 2004. SBI’s design/model has been dynamic starting with an educational format in the area of business development and business networking and is continuously moving to its planned model of a distant learning Business College. Learn More.

Why Are They Free?

Digital business cards are networking power tool and are in line with the SBI mission.  In the past 14 years, SBI has scheduled over 3,000 meetings, classes, seminars, networking events, trade shows and social events.  The organization has passed over 2 billion dollars of referral business to our students.

Ten Reasons You Need a Digital Business Card



Get My FREE Business Card

Always Free. No Credit Card Required.

  1. It's a Business Card that is never outdated.  Anyone who has your digital business card always has your latest contact information.

  2. You will never be out of business cards.  You may forget your paper cards, but your digital card is on your mobile phone.  Do you ever forget your phone?
  3. A Digital Business Card can be more than just a business card. It's your resume. It's a brochure. It is a website about you.

  4. Easily update your digital business card at anytime with new contact information, videos, specials, coupons, events, products for sale and so much more.

  5. Easily customize your digital business card to match your companies branding. Create duplicate cards for all your employees and update them instantly with new specials or promotions. Every employee can be a sales channel for the company.

  6. Word of Mouth referrals with a digital business card is a sure way to grow your business. Your network always has your business card on hand (in their mobile phone) and can easily text or email your vCard to others.

  7. Track who you send your card to, how many times your card was viewed, shared by text, shared by email and downloaded.

  8. Your Digital business Card will never be thrown away!  88% of paper business cards are thrown away within the first week.

  9. People check their smart phone on average 46 times per day.  Your message needs to be where people are looking!

  10. It is an eco-friendly alternative to paper business card and reduces your printing costs on business cards, brochures and postcards.

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