Give Every Employee a Digital Business Card


Employees love to share their digital business cards. With a digital business card, employees are turned into natural sales agents and recruiters for the company.

Track how often employees share their digital business cards. See which employees share their business cards the most and offer incentives to get all employees to promote their digital business cards.

Design Beautiful Business Card Templates and Apply it to Every Employee

Create Unique Templates for each department or location. Customize the design of your business cards to match your logo and branding.

Update All Your Employee Business Cards Instantly with new content such as videos, specials, events, new product info and more.

 Add Multiple Pages of Content and turn your business cards into a company brochure, lead generator and recruiter.

Manage Employee Cards from One Admin Panel


  • Manage Employee Rights to Edit Cards – You decide if they can edit their Cards and what fields they can edit. Can they add additional content such as a bio, photos, video and more?

  • Import Spreadsheets of new employees and instantly create their cards.

  • Easily Transfer a Card From departing employee to new employee to keep client communications clear.

  • Download all RSVP features from Cards into csv files.

  • All Leads Are Exportable into your CRM.



Statistics can be shown weekly, daily, monthly and yearly, through your corporate analytics page. You can track each employee, department and the overall company. All the information gathered is secured and transferred to your corporate CRM to follow up with prospects or clients.

Connect to Our Platform

The vCard Global API (Application Programming Interface) allows companies to integrate with the platform for single sign on, new customer or employee business card creation, CRM integration and more.

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Pricing starts at $5 per card per month plus a one time set up fee.


Percentage of your purchase goes directly to Strategic Business Institute programs for Vets.

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Strategic Business Institute


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