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Strategic Business Institute's first priority are veterans when you make a cash on in kind donation


Free I-Robots for Veterans

Strategic Business Institute is running a campaign to raise $20,000 to purchase I-Robots for our Veterans.  These special individuals need our assistance with their house cleaning, because they have lost a limb(s), eyesight, are wheelchair bound or have other debilitating issues. 

We will give away 100 I-Robot® Braava Jets® to any Veteran who is without Limbs, Bed Ridden, Blind, and/or in a Wheelchair.

These special individuals deserve our support and assistance, for ALL that they have done for us.  Please consider helping us raise enough money to help these deserving individuals who have an incredibly difficult job taking care of themselves.  Please select the donation button below and make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution to the Strategic Business Institute’s Veterans Program and show your Thank You’s to these wonderful Veterans who have given up so much to protect us.


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Your entire donation less the Paypal service fees will go directly to help Veterans.


Purchase a Premium Business Card

$20 of your $69 Purchase goes to Support our Vets

(That is $20 a year if you renew your Premium Business Card)


Your Donations Make a Difference


Strategic Business Institute gave $2,500 to Edward Rodriguez an Army Veteran who has stage 4 cancer of the colon.



You can make a difference in a Veterans life too. Please Donate.


Do You Have a Cash or In Kind Donation to Support Vets?

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Your entire donation less the Paypal service fees will go directly to help Veterans.